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Application Forms

So you’re considering the idea of joining the National Association. Great! – you’ll not regret it.

And if you’re renewing your subs, many thanks also. You’ll find all the relevant forms below; click on, print off, fill in and either post or email by return. You may also phone the NPHTA with card details if you wish to pay by plastic.

  • Operator Application Form

    Size: 282 KB - PDF Document

    This form is for companies that wish to join the NPHTA.

  • Operator Renewal Form

    Size: 276 KB - PDF Document

    Kind enough to renew? Thanks for your continued support – use this form for company/operator renewal.

  • Driver Application Form

    Size: 17 KB - PDF Document

    Individual drivers are welcome to join – any time! Use this form.

  • Driver Renewal Form

    Size: 17 KB - PDF Document

    Signing up again as a driver member? Cheers – use this form.

  • Association Affiliation Application Form

    Size: 22 KB - PDF Document

    This is the one for local Associations, from all sides of the industry, to affiliate to the NPHTA.

  • Forming a Local Association

    Size: 550 KB - DOC Document

    Here’s a light-hearted but informative approach to organising a local Association in your district.

  • Draft Constitution

    Size: 204 KB - PDF Document

    A fill-in-the-blanks format as guidance for local Associations to put together their own Constitution.