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NPHTA Testimonials

"The National Association is very much carrying on its duties and remit to members as they have for a quarter of a century; their industry knowledge is second to none and their legal guidance and support for operators, proprietors and drivers in distress is invaluable, and given willingly at all hours. This is from personal experience. Donna is highly effective in taking the lead on behalf of the trade in discussions with government, a veritable voice of reason"

Barry Drinkwater, Chairman - Uttlesford Licensed Operators and Drivers Association

"I have been working with the National Association for some years now, especially in carrying out in-depth investigations concerning some of the trade’s more controversial matters such as volunteer drivers, insurance issues, unreasonable vehicle licence conditions. All I do when I need legal backup on a point is to pick up the phone to Bryan or Donna, and the information is immediately to hand. It is said that ‘knowledge is strength’ – I’ll go along with that!"

Chris Wickham, CJW Taxis, Glastonbury

"Our company has been a member of this Association for over twenty years, and it’s the first place we turn to whenever industry news breaks, or new national legislation comes out (or doesn’t, as the case may be and usually is!), or our local council brings out new regulations. They helped us to get exemption from external plates and stickers, and even designed our windscreen licence disc. The NPHTA has always been there for us, and hopefully will continue to be well into the future"

Chris Hargreaves, Director - Prestige Chauffeurs, Bury

"As a trade association representing companies and individual members within our district, the support, advice and knowledge we are given by the NPHTA is so valuable. The National Association has a great understanding of the mechanics of our industry, and without them our livelihoods would be jeopardised by draconian councils and misguided legislation. The NPHTA is the (not so) silent Insurance Policy for our trade."

Odette Ottaway, A1A Taxis Ltd., Welwyn Hatfield

"“I would just like to say thank you to the National Association for all the assistance they have given to CCLT Ltd. over the years. We have always been able to get advice and help with numerous problems involving licensing issues and conditions. Their knowledge and guidance is invaluable, and well worth the cost of our membership. I do hope the trade keeps supporting the Association – they perform such a valuable service for the taxi and private hire industry across the country."

David Wratten, Director – Cambridge City Licensed Taxis Ltd

"The effort the National Association has put in over the years is really paying off... but there’s still so much to accomplish. Who better to carry on these momentous endeavours on behalf of our trade? And of course, there’s strength in numbers: the more members, the more impact we can make around the country."

Chris Frayne, Sheffield City Taxis Ltd., also Confederation of Private Hire Companies, Sheffield

"What this Association has done for our trade is immeasurable. Quite apart from all the information they supply about legislation, case law, Government and local regulations, you just know they’re in your corner whatever you’re phoning them about. That is why I got involved in delivering industry training: during every stage of my preparation and progress, the NPHTA has been extremely supportive."

Liz Wadsworth, Elizabeth Ann Travel, Tamworth; also VRQ/NVQ/CPC training provider

"To be a member of the National Private Hire Association means that, using the support system they offer, you go into every negotiation holding the high ground. Their legal expertise gives you the confidence that you are using a team of specialists that’s second to none. A local association cannot function effectively without their help"

Dave Currie, representing the Stoke-on-Trent Private Hire Association

"In recent months we have had to call upon the Association on countless occasions during various negotiations with our council. In every single instance the NPHTA has dropped what they were doing and devoted their immediate time and attention to helping us resolve our local issues. Their industry knowledge is amazing, and we have been more than glad to have access to their expertise and assistance."

Cllr David Patrick, Wisbech and District Hackney Carriage Drivers’ Association

"NALEO is pleased to hear that the NPHTA has decided to promote its own website. As you know, NALEO has for many years endeavoured to provide a source of information/contact point. By the NPHTA running its own site, the level of information out there must increase overall. Whilst NALEO and the NPHTA sometimes have different viewpoints and opinions on matters that arise, it has become apparent over the years that the NPHTA and NALEO do share one common aim: common-sense, fair legislation that protects the travelling public, and that enhances the professionalism of the hackney and private hire trades alike. Good luck with your new enterprise."

John Thompson, Hon Secretary, National Association of Licensing and Enforcement Officers

"I have been a member of the National Association for some years now, both as an individual company proprietor and as a member of our local affiliated Association. Whenever I have needed help with a local licensing issue, these guys [Bryan and Donna] are there pitching in, writing letters on my/our behalf, you name it – they’ll do it if it will assist, and if you’re on the right track. If you’re not, they’ll soon put you there!"

Rajinder Singh, Exclusive Cars, Kettering

"I’ve been a sole trader in Milton Keynes since 1984, and currently head, with my wife, a chauffeur drive company. I have been involved with the local taxi trade organisations in Milton Keynes during this entire period, and am currently Executive Chair of the newly formed Milton Keynes Hackney Carriage Association 2011. During all this time we have been affiliated to the National Private Hire Association. It doesn’t matter whether you are a driver working on your own, or own a fleet of cars, it pays to become affiliated to the NPHTA because you won’t find anybody else that knows more about our trade than Donna and Bryan. Following deregulation in 2002, in 2007 we fought against a 100% wheelchair accessible taxi condition and won; it cost the council a lot of money. In these times of doom and gloom you need good support, and with Donna and Bryan with you all the way, you needn’t look any further. Thank you both, and look forward to continuing to work with you in the future."

Peter E Kirkham, Executive Chair, Milton Keynes Hackney Carriage Association 2011